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Permaculture Zanzibar

Would you like to live more sustainable? Would you like to contribute to a better world? Permaculture Zanzibar provides an opportunity to Zanzibaris to help themselves and others through trainings via Permaculture Zanzibar Scholarship Fund.


With the understanding of Permaculture, you can make informed choices that give you back a real sense of empowerment. We are looking forward to receive your application!


Naturbruket Siljan donates both money and its professional time on a voluntary basis in order to support Permaculture Zanzibar. That is done because we are convinced it will make a positive impact to the islands where Asya, the co-owner of Naturbruket Siljan comes from and strongly feel for.


For you who can afford we also offer a possibility to be part of this unique initiative that promise positive changes with relatively small amount of resources. We are looking forward to receive your donation!

Please read more through the links to your left and follow us in the facebook “Permaculture Zanzibar” page!


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