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Sustainable targets reviewed

Two steps forward and one step backwards toward higher self-sufficiency…March 2015.

A good example when tradition goes hand in hand with caring of ecosystem

On our previous visit to Zanzibar when meeting up with our family, we also met Shaib Muhamed who…February 2013.

Public lecture in Zanzibar

On the 8th of January, there will be a public lecture at ZIFA…January 2013.

Permaculture Zanzibar

Naturbruket Siljan is supporting Permaculture Zanzibar…April 2011.

Under reconstruction!

Welcome to Naturbruket Siljan!

Farm and knowledge for sustainable farming.

We are here in order to provide memorable experiences at our farm to people, who like to get close to nature and involved in hands-on activities, in an environmental friendly atmosphere. That is to say we are here for you who are interested in genuine ecotourism.

Naturbruket Siljan also offer owners of forest, grazing animals and gardens, help when buying our services in the areas of permaculture designing, agriculture and forestry. More information about these services is found at the Swedish pages.

Naturbruket Siljan is a family business with a wide network accessible in order to fulfil your demands and dreams. We are found in the culturally rich region of Lake Siljan in the middle of Sweden.

Naturbruket Siljan - with respect for nature!


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